Eric Masterson at the Cook Library in April 11, 2018
On Wednesday, April 11th at 7:00 at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth Village,
Eric Masterson will present "Kettle of One," about following the migration of the
Broad-winged Hawks from NH to Mexico, on his bicycle. A flock of migrating hawks
gaining altitude in a thermal of rising air is known as a "kettle," but a solo bicyclist"
following the migration on land is a "Kettle of One,'  which is the name of Eric's program.
All are welcome to this free program which is cosponsored by The Tamworth
Conservation Commission and the Cook Memorial Library.

Vernal Pool Tour, April 21 – Sponsored by Tamworth Conservation Commission
Every year, along about mid-April, an amphibian rite of Spring occurs in scattered, ephemeral,
woodland pools. These pools are crucial to the life cycle of various salamanders, frogs and
crustaceans. Although the most fascinating time to visit them is the first rainy night above 40
degrees Fahrenheit (known as “The Big Night” by amphibia-philes), there's always something
to see and talk about a week or so either side of the main attraction. On this walk we will be
exploring and discussing the natural history of wood frogs and mole salamanders and whatever
else we happen to encounter. Our guide will be Chris Conrod. Although his background is mainly
loons and granivorous rodents, he has a special warm spot in his heart for amphibians.
Date/Time: Saturday, April 21, 10:00 am, rain or shine.
Location: Meet at 679 Old Mail Road (AC Kennett Accounting), 1.2 miles up Old Mail Road from Gardner Hill Road.
Duration: Until we're done (2 or 3 hours?), we'll be visiting anywhere from three to five pools
but you are welcome to stay for just one or two if you wish. We will mostly be just a short road
walk away from the meeting area. Total walking distance can range from a couple hundred yards
to a little over a mile. Dress for the outdoors. Wear comfortable foot gear that you don't mind if they get wet.


Other Local Events of Interest

Owl Prowl, March 30 -- Hosted by Chocorua Lake Conservancy

On Friday, March 30 at 7:00pm join the Chocorua Lake Conservancy's Stewardship Director
Lynne Flaccus for an Owl Prowl, an evening stroll to listen and call for owls. Meet at the
Hammond Trail parking area at the end of Scott Road in Chocorua to walk a short trail out to
Heron Pond/Lonely Lake on the Bolles Reserve. Along the way, you'll learn about owls and
where they make their home, and experience the world of nocturnal animals.

As one of nature's amazing "living mouse traps," owls play an important role in our fields and
forests, even though we may not see or hear them often. Special feathers, eyesight and hearing
serve them well as nighttime hunters. The winter months are breeding and nesting seasons for
many owls, and they are often most vocal when humans tend to be inside about the fire. The
Owl Prowl is a chance to learn about owl eyesight as you test your own night vision!

Be sure to wear warm layers, and bring a flashlight, and snowshoes if you have them. All ages are
welcome. Have questions or want a trail conditions report? Call the CLC office at 603-323-6252.