SPECIAL - Tamworth 250th Anniversary Challenge:
We have the ambitious goal of adding 38 new Hikin’ Herons to our existing roster of 66.  Why 38?  If that many new hikers travel the trails this year, all Hikin' Herons will have collectively hiked 250 miles!  A special edition of the Hikin’ Herons patch has been made to mark this 250th anniversary. Hikers who already have a Hikin' Heron's patch can do all the trails a second time and earn the special 250th patch as well as first-timers.   All applicants who have hiked Tamworth’s trails will be recognized, including dogs.

To get your Hikin' Herons patch, download the form below, hike the trails, and mail your completed form to the Commission.  The trails are on the six natural areas shown in the map below.
Individual web maps and PDF downloads are available on the Trails page.

Hikin' Heron Honor Roll: Those who have led the way...