Wildlife Action Plan Maps

The Wildlife Action Plan is an ongoing project initiated by the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game. The purpose is to identify wildlife species and habitat types of concern and to develop a plan to ensure long-term health and sustainability of these natural assets. State-wide mapping of the habitats is part of the process. Here we offer two Tamworth-specific maps showing the habitats and the scoring of the habitats.


Habitat Land Cover Map (5.4 mb PDF)

This map shows the location of various habitat types of statewide concern. Tamworth has a few habitat types that are uncommon or even rare in the state of New Hampshire. For example, pine barrens habitat is only present in a few towns. Tamworth is also in a transition zone. Consequently, it has habitats normally only found in the southern half of the state (i.e. Appalachian Oak-Pine forest) and habitats normally only found in the northern half of the state (i.e. Spruce-fir Forests).


Highest Ranked Habitat Map (8.4 mb PDF)

This map shows the ranking of wildlife habitat in Tamworth. The three categories are highest ranked in New Hampshire, Highest ranked in region and supporting landscape. You may notice when studying the map that aquatic features and larger forest blocks (areas with no roads) are major drivers of the ranking system.